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THCA Diamond Doobies

THCA Diamond Doobies

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Our THCa Diamond Doobies are pre-rolled joints that are designed to get you twisted. We start with top quality indoor grown THCa flowers. Then, we baste them with some golden THCa distillate, and finally, roll those suckers in 99% potency THCa diamonds. Once you spark it up, you will realize diamonds can be anyone's best friend. Each sleeve includes two 1.5-gram THCa pre-rolls.

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Our pre-rolls are made from 1.5g of indoor grown THCa flower. Once the flower is packed into the paper it is then coated in distillate and rolled in THCa diamonds to provide a high unlike any other on the market.

How To Use

Remove a preroll from the pack and light it up.


THCa hemp flower, THCa distillate, THCa Isolate