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5g THCA Live Resin Blend

5g THCA Live Resin Blend

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Our THCa disposable vapes are known for their performance, potency, and flavors. The 5 ml disposable vapes are made with premium live-resin and contain pure THCa liquid diamond extracts, which are third-party lab-tested for safety and potency to provide you with the best vaping experience possible. The live resin THCa converts to Delta9 THC when heated, so be assured this is a highly potent and authentic product you will be sure to love.

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    5 grams of our highest potency THCa live resin blend and cannabis derived terpenes. This vape is rechargeable using a micro USB. All hardware is heavy metal free with a ceramic coil to ensure a consistent and smooth hit.

    How to Use

    Hit the button 5x to turn on the device. Then either take a drag or hold the button to preheat a larger hit.


    THCa+THCp+Delta-8+Delta-9 Live Resin+CDT terpenes